Spirulina Calcium Tablet


Calcium is crucial for the stabilization of bones and teeth, muscle contractions, stimulus transmission within the nervous system and the stabilization of the cell membranes as well as their selective transmissibility. Calcium belongs to the most common elements, it is essential for humans, animals and plants. BluBio® Spirulina Calcium binds the microalgae's natural calcium Lithothamnium calcareum with the valuable vital substances of the microalgae spirulina platensis. Which supplies the body with vitamins, vegetable proteins, trace elements and a high content of organically bound and therefore easily to absorb calcium. This high content of vitalizing substances and natural calcium supports the body in an optimal manner, in strengthening and regenerating teeth and bones.
1)make bones and teeth strong
2)contract muscle
3)maintain normal heartbeat
4)prevent reincarnation, osteoporosis and hyperosteogeny 
5)enhance human immunity
6)pure vegetable, easy to be digested
7)rich in natural carotenoids
Spirulina microalgae powder; lithothamnium calcium algae powder.
Specification   180tablets/72g/bottle
packing   PET bottle and box
Consumption recommendation
2-5 tablets 3 times a day with adequate amounts of fluids.
Commended people
people of all age group, especially for the old and young.

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